New Beginning Apostolic Church - 4680 Raleigh LaGrange Road  Memphis, TN 38128 - (901) 377-1920
Are you ready for a new start and a fresh  awakening? Are the burdens of life weighing you down and you feel all hope is gone? Have you tried everything else, but have seen it all fail? We offer you to try Jesus and  join us  for a New Beginning,  where souls are saved, sins forgiven and the power of God reigns.
From our Pastor, Bishop Bramlett Cooper
First Lady Regina Cooper 
Greetings in the matchless name of Jesus! We welcome you today to fellowship with us in the beauty of holiness. We are the New Beginning Apostolic Church family of Memphis, TN  where the Lord rest, rules, and abides! My wife and I are delighted you've taken the time to visit us virtually - and we would also welcome you to our church dwelling in the Raleigh-Bartlett community.

We are so privileged to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth - for such a time as this. When you visit us, you will experience a warm and loving environment and the very presence of the Lord in our midst! We are a multicultural body of believers who invite and embrace the Lord's Anointing! We look forward to seeing you real soon, so until then be blessed in the Lord!
Morning Manna 
"A Life of Distinction" God has an expectation that we individually and collectively live a distinct and consecrated life unto him. We will know we're making some progress in our spiritual lives when we began to function like the thumb on our hands. The thumb is a part of the hand - yet very distinct in its role whether its demonstrated in guiding the pencil in handwriting, controlling the grip of a handshake, or holding other fingers in place when making a fist. In I Corinthians 12:18, Paul says God has placed the members in the body as it has pleased Him! Thumbs don't complain of the role they play nor of living in a very distinct position from the other fingers on the hand. As thumbs live a "life of distinction," we are chosen by God to also be very distinct in our walk, our talk, our thoughts, AND our actions. A life of distinction means bearing our cross, enduring hardness as a good soldier, and never trying to function as any other finger! As we go about this day, let us walk and live in distinction! Be blessed in Jesus name! 
Begin Again
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